Wake up call with news? How to use the 'Snail' alarm function!


Hi everyone!
This is "Snail".

​Today's post I would like to inform you about how to use the 'Snail' alarm function.

What is the 'alarm' function?

Like a wake-up call, it is a function that helps you wake up (recognize) through sound at a specific time.
Highly recommended for those who want a different sound than the boring alarm sound!
Start your day with news~

How to use the 'Alarm' function

1. Tap the fourth alarm clock icon in the bottom navigation.

2. Tap the + icon at the top right.
* If an acceptable phrase appears, tap OK.
(You can use the alarm function only if you allow display on top of other applications.)

4. On the Add Alarm page, set the desired time and tap OK.

5. When the alarm function is used, it will look like the image above.

6. If you want to delete the alarm, long tap and tap the trash can icon at the bottom.

This concludes the posting on 
how to use the 'Snail' background playback and alarm function.

Thank you.


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