Sullivan Plus Android version to be overhauled


I'm voice guidance app "Sullivan Plus".

Sullivan Plus will be updated during November 2021.

Please note that this is only for those who use Android devices.

The new Sullivan Plus has major UI/UX changes and new features added, so you may 

be very confused when using it for the first time.

So, we recommend that you install the Sullivan Lite app with UI/UX similar to the new 

version and experience it in advance.

There are two major changes in the new Sullivan Plus app.

First, the UI/UX has been changed to increase the convenience of users.

In the past, the menu screen was configured separately, but in the changed version, it 

is implemented as the basic camera UI/UX familiar to Android users, so menu selection 

is possible directly from the camera screen.

The new UI/UX is similar to the Sullivan Lite app, so you can try it out through this 

app, so be sure to try it out.

Next, the second member registration(sign-up) was added. You can easily sign up with 

your Google ID. You may be wondering why you are suddenly signing up as a 

member, but please understand that Sullivan Plus has been added inevitably to further 

develop along with acquaintance face registration and community functions. Of course, 

only essential information is encrypted and stored for your information.

When Sullivan Plus is updated, we will prepare and share a video and instructions that 

contain the changes and how to use them. Also, your feedback is always welcome. This 

is a process to be reborn as a better service, so we ask for your interest.


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