Introducing the new function added to Sullivan Lite


Hello. Everyone!
This is 'TUAT'.

Today, we are posting to let you know about the
new function implemented into the application,
'View photos' and ‘QR Code recognition’.
* Sullivan Lite is only operable under Android OS (Supports low-specification phones and tablets)

Firstly, the 'View photos’ function was
one of the most requested one to be added,
We realized the function due to the huge amounts of feedback from users
wishing to check the pictures they have taken.

To check the pictures, please tap the left side of the capture button.

Upon tapping, you will encounter the 'View photos' page 
as seen on the image above.
You can perform actions on the page using the ‘Previous Image’, ‘Next Image’, ‘Share’, and ‘Delete (All, Current Image)’ Buttons.

Additionally, it provides the shooting date of the image and 
if there is recognition content, you can check the detail as text.

Nextly, for the ‘QR Code recognition’ function .
Please note that this function only works under AI Mode.

It will automatically read any QR Code recognized by the camera.

The image above is an example for visiting a website 
using the QR Code recognition function.

Using this function, you can easily visit any websites, save phone numbers, connect to e-mail, or even call someone. utilize this function to your convenience!

This marks the end of today’s post,
and I hope you a more convenient life using the function mentioned above.

TUAT will continue to strive to service 
various, quality of life function in the future.
Thank you.


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