How to use 'Snail' conveniently! [How to use the background playback function]


Hi everyone!
This is "Snail".

Today's post I would like to inform you about
how to use the'Snail' background playback function.

First, what is 'Background Playback'?

It is a function that allows you to listen to news articles without having to open the application on the screen in the same way as the popular MP3 player application.
Also, you can listen to news articles even if your smartphone screen is locked.
(This function is only available in "Settings -> Enable MP3 Generation".)

How to use the 'Background Playback' function

1. Tap the Settings page.

2. It is applied by activating the 'MP3 creation' function at the top.
When disabled, 'background playback' function cannot be used.)

3. The applied screen shows the news player button at the bottom as shown in the image.

4. When the background playback function is activated, a news player is created in the notification window even if you leave the app.

This concludes the post on how to use the'Snail' 'background playback' function.

The next post will tell you more about the 'Alarm' function.

Thank you.


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