Sullivan Plus) you can get the face infomation

Hello~ Everyone!
I'm voice guidance app "Sullivan Plus".

Today, we'll talk about
one of Sullivan Plus's modes, 'Face Recognition'.

​What's the Face Recognition?
It's mode analyzing face information such as age, gender or expression.

First, try running the Sullivan Plus App.
And tap the 'Face Recognition' button in menu screen.

Check the title is 'Face Recognition' on the top of screen.
And then, after focus the face like friends or acquaintances,
 tap the middle circle button on the bottom of screen for taking the picture.

Your camera can detect the faces and inform you feedback 
such as voice guidance("face detected") or vibration. 
Although if not detected, you can capture the screen.

And if effect sound stops to come out,
 you can check recognition result on the top of screen.

Maybe it is convenient for you to read the recognized result.

Even if you don't see ahead, 
you can get basic information about person,
 such as age or gender or expression and so on.

At last, there are two kinds of additional functions
 video call and flash in function screen.

So far, I've explained the Sullivan Plus's face recognition.
We'll upgrade Sullivan Plus to make it useful to you.
Thank you for reading.


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