Sullivan Plus) How to use Sullivan Plus?

Hello~ Everyone!
I'm voice guidance app "Sullivan Plus".

Today, we'll talk about
one of Sullivan Plus's modes, 'AI mode'.

Have you ever heard about A.I like AlphaGo or self-driving car?

Sullivan Plus's AI mode analyzes the captured image 
about 3 kinds of modes at the same time 
and informs image result of appropriate mode first.

※ 3 kinds of mode : Text recognition, Face recognition, Image description

OK. From now let me tell you how to use AI mode.

If you run the Sullivan Plus first time, 
 AI mode is activated by basic recognition mode.
If it is not activated, let's tap the 'AI mode' button on menu screen.

Please check the title is 'AI mode' on the top of screen.
And then, after focus the object like text, person or landscape, 
tap the middle circle button on the bottom of screen 
for taking the picture.

If you take the picture, effect sound comes out. 
After effect sound stops, you can check recognition result on the top of screen.
Sullivan Plus informs you the suitable recognition result by text and voice guidance. 
So you don't need to stare the screen.

In my case, image description is chosen by the suitable mode first.
Recognition result is not bad!
If you want to switch the recognition result of other mode,
please try to swipe up or down on the screen.

As above images, you can get the 3 kinds of result at once.
Text recognition mode read the text very correctly.
Face recognition mode has correct result as well(No Face).

In addition, 'AI mode' consists of 
'Gallery', 'Save note' and 'Share' on function screen.

First, 'Gallery' helps you load the saved image in you device.
Second, 'Save note' is what saves 'Text recognition' result.
Lastly, 'Share' is sending out 'Text recognition' result 
to the other app or one's neighbors.

I'll post the detail about function screen later.

So far, it was description of Sullivan Plus 'AI mode'.

Sullivan Plus will continue to work hard 
and hopes to provide useful function 
through communication with you.

Please look forward to me.
Thank you.


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