What are some of the ways to help the visually impaired?

Hello, everyone!
I'm voice guidance app "Sullivan+".

I’m sure everyone has all seen people walking  
around the street with their walking sticks.

Elderly people with backaches, people with leg injuries, 
mountain climbers or visually impaired people...
I’m sure there are a lot of people.

Among them, have you ever seen people 
with white walking sticks?
There is a special meaning related to the white cane.

The white cane is the most suitable tool for the visually impaired to find their way,and is a globally recognized symbol of the independence and accomplishment of the visually impaired.”

- This homepage use Korean language-

If you see somebody 
with a white cane having trouble on the street,
I think we can now reach out to provide some help.

I’d like to post a way to help the visually impaired
so that they can feel more grateful.

1. While crossing the road

First, ask the visually impaired person, 
“would you like to cross the road with me?”
and then offer your elbow to help them hold on.

※ Do not push their back 
or pull the white cane or their clothes.

2. When getting into a car

Keep the visually impaired 
person’s left hand in contact with the body of the car,
 and their right hand in contact with the car door 
to help them get in safely!

3. While paying for something

Tell them the amount of change by bill or coin 
and hand over the products and change.

4. While eating

Hold the visually impaired person’s chopsticks 

 and tell them where each dish is located in a clockwise manner.

ex) The soup is potato soup 
and it’s located at 10 o’clock.

5. While using stairs

Let the visually impaired person go in front of you, 
let them know if the stairs are going up or down,
and help them grab the railing next to the stairs.

6. While sitting in a chair

Help them hold 
onto the chair and desk with each hand
they will comfortably sit.

7. While guiding them on the subway

Ask for the number of the gate
 they want to board and guide them 
towards the inside of the safety line.

※ It is also recommended to indicate
 the ticket office or exit direction.

8. When using a door

Open or close the door securely to prevent it from moving.

※ If the door moves, 
their hand may get caught or they may run into it.

There’s lots of things we can do to help
but here is a brief explanation focused more on dangerous situations.

- This homepage use Korean language-

 I want to create a society 
where people offer a helping hand 
when they run into people with white canes.

Until then, ‘Sullivan+’ will try our best.
Thanks for tuning in.


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