Total blindness? People with low vision? Basic common sense for people who are visually impaired.

Hello! Everyone!!
I'm voice guidance app "Sullivan+".

Do you know the percentage 
of total blindness and people with low vision?

There’s a perception 
that most visually impaired people are totally blind.

But they are divided into two categories: 
total blindness and low vision
and over 80% of them suffer from low vision.

People with low vision see 
things overlapped,
don’t see their surroundings well
or whose eyesight becomes blurred with age. 

- Korea braille board -

Do all of them know braille?

We can see that there are very few 
who can understand Braille at a level that
about five out of every 100 people know it.
(I also thought they communicated through Braille…)

So many of the visually impaired use
voice transmitters or magnifiers instead of Braille.
I guess ‘Sullivan+’ is the best fit.

The last thing I want to tell you is
how to help the visually impaired 
while walking down the street.

In other words, a contextual etiquette for the visually impaired.

First, we tend to habitually use
expressions such as ‘here’, or ‘there’.

If the visually impaired hear those expressions, 
they have a hard time deciding where to go.

It’s better to express the direction and distance more specifically.

ex) Take about 20 steps to the right.

Next, if the visually impaired person 
is accompanied by a guide dog,

you need to refrain from touching and giving food to them.

These behaviors may distract 
the attention of the guide dogs,
so it is important to recognize 
that these acts can be a great danger
to both visually impaired people
and their guide dogs.

I’m going to leave this video link below,
a recognition improvement video filmed by EBS
to complement my explanation.

※ This video is made by Korean language

Through this post, I hope that
many people can be reminded to avoid misconceptions
they might have had about the visually impaired.

Sullivan+’ will try our best 
to become the eyes of the visually impaired.


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    1. Hi~ Braille Institute of America, Inc. Nim :)
      Thank you for visiting the Sullivan Plus blog.
      We will continue to post about Sullivan Plus, so we ask for your interest.

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