How much have we tried understanding the disabled? “Campaign to Improve the Recognition towards the Disabled through Culture”

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How much have we tried to understand the life of the disabled?”

To pose this question to ourselves once again and to improve recognition of the disabled, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korean government and Lotte Culture Works Inc of Korea.

Has begun a campaign to improve the recognition of the disabled using 4D film techniques.

At Lotte Cinema Cheongnyang-Ri, around seventy average citizens
experienced the situation of meeting visually impaired people on the street.
Let’s see how they experienced it.

The audience is entering the theater to watch 4D movie.

They are waiting for the movie to start when all the lights and screen are turned off.

In a situation where nothing can be seen, the audiences are surprised by the ambience of the street and 4D effects.

Later on, the subtitles appear on the screen.
This situation is what the visually impaired experience every time they go out on the street.
Our society needs more consideration and warm hands for the disabled.
Korea, where everyone can enjoy culture without discrimination. Please make it with us.

The audience members, who were quite surprised at first, started applauding when they discoveredvthe true meaning of the campaign.

After the campaign, we had an interview with one of the audience members.

At first, I was scared.”

I felt like I had my eyes closed”

I’d never thought about life from the perspective of the visually impaired…”

I thought the visually impaired would go through the feeling of being on a roller coaster. I first thought they needed more consideration and attention.”

The interview showed how much people realized that the visually impaired need recognition improvement, attention and consideration through this campaign.

I hope many campaigns like this will be created to help people improve their awareness of the disabled, pay more attention to them and give them more consideration!


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