Can Sullivan+ analyze images too?

Hello. Everyone!
I'm voice guidance 'Sullvan+'.

Have you been using ‘Sullivan+’ well?

 we’re going to talk about 
the ability to analyze photos
 in the mobile phone gallery.

It would be useful for 
those who want to get information 
through artificial intelligence analysis 
about the photos you took before using 'Sullivan+'.

However, this function can be only used 
in AI mode, text recognition and image description.

Now, I’ll explain to you 
how to use the photo album.

1. First, select and activate between

AI mode, text recognition
and image description.

I’ll activate “AI mode” from ‘Sullivan+’.

2. Next, use the button tab 
on the right side of the shoot button
or swipe from right to left
to activate the add-on screen.

3. Then, find and tap 
on the ‘Gallery’ function
among the features aligned 
on the active add-on screen.

4. Find and tap the pictures 
you want to select.

Go to Sullivan+ app screen and wait for the recognition sound to stop.

5. You can receive results or the selected mode.

I used the AI mode to
receive text recognition and image description as results.

The artificial intelligence technology lets the user know
what the text inscribed on the drink bottle in the image says.
Even if you can’t see, you can still
get information about the image using Sullivan+.

How about that?
Don’t you think it’s such cool and useful feature?
You guys should all try analyzing the picture
and analyze it using Sullivan+’s photo album function.

So, here’s the description of the photo album
the add-on feature of ‘Sullivan+’.
We always support the visually impaired
to face the world more conveniently
and live a more comfortable life.


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