A text-reading program Sullivan+, it is great to use in these situations!

Hello~ Everyone!
I'm voice guidance app "Sullivan+".

Today we’ll talk about 
one of Sullivan+’s main functions, text recognition’.

Sullivan+’s text recognition function,
which can be used as a program that reads text,
is a feature that converts the text recognized 
by a camera into voiced speech.

Text recognition’ is a very useful function
for visually impaired or those with low vision.
When the function is activated, 
Sullivan+ finds the text and notifies the user with vibration,
recognizes text when the camera is aligned with the direction of vibration
and delivers it to the user through speech.

Now, I’ll introduce you to how the text-reading program function, 
‘text recognition’ can be utilized in different situations.

01. Mail Check”

For those of you who are visually impaired from illness or presbyopia
and those with low vision!
Have you ever felt so frustrated
because you couldn’t read the small letters on pieces of mail?
Use Sullivan+’s text recognition function
to conveniently check the information listed in the mail.

02. Packaging Check”

It is hard to guess the contents of
packaged products such as ramen or snacks.
Take a picture of the package
and you can see the content.

03. Print Check”

It can also be utilized
when you can’t read the contents 
of books, newspapers and magazines.
It can also be useful when checking
the contents of a street sign or building guide.

04. Monitor Check”

When a visually impaired person uses a computer,
it is essential to use a screen reader program that allows
them to convert the characters on the screen into speech.
However, sometimes when there are contents that
screen readers can’t read 
or when the screen reader can’t be operated,
the text recognition in Sullivan+
can help them read the text on the screen.

05. Electronic Products Button Check”

For those of you who are visually impaired,
you might have experienced inconvenience
once or twice in your lifetime 
because you couldn’t detect 
where the buttons of the electronic products, 
such as washing machines or air purifiers, were located.
Use Sullivan+ to confirm the location and content of the button
to operate electronic products.

In addition, Sullivan+’s voice recognition function can be a
great asset when used in a variety of difficult situations.
Try using Sullivan+ instead of a text-reader program!



    1. Hello. First of all, sorry for the late reply.
      Sullivan Plus does not support voice commands.
      And if you change the system language, you can use Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Arabic, German, Portuguese, Lithuanian, French, Hindi, Persian, Italian and Belarusian in addition to English.
      Thank you.


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